DotComd is a Website Program by a Chicago Coldfusion Developer which
empowers over 300+ businesses all over the country
to be "Self Sufficient" and to Save Thousands
every year with the DotComd web site application.


DotComd provides an all in one Cold Fusion / Coldfusion website application solution for small businesses across North America. With server technologies such as ColdFusion 4.5, Colfusion 8 Scorpio & Sql Server 2000 we provide you with the framework for your custom website, hosting, and email all for one great low price. We have dealership, realtor, agent, shopping cart, and standard website packages to suit almost anyone. Our  custom website solutions give your business a corporate level system which you CAN afford! Our customers have the ability to pay for their websites with one small annual price or pay for setup and monthly hosting fees. You decide!   Robert Isely Remodeling

If you need to make changes to your website constantly then DotComd is right for you. If you want a website that never changes, or where you want to do all the work yourself then you should go here! Otherwise, DotComd will take care of the domain name registration process or use your existing domain name. DotComd will set up your website and teach you how to use it.   We do all the difficult programming, take care of all technical and design aspects.  Our easy set up process can have you using your new web site by this time tomorrow! DotComd will not only be your small business web host but will also be your Web Developer and IT Consultant!   Here we are at El Rincon having a discussion about dynamic websites and what they can do.

Call DotComd
@ 1-312-450-0232
& Say "I Need a Website"!
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send an email through our
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There are many more satisfied customers. Check out the clients list page to see them. Call any of them to get some feedback on how well we provide our services to them. We are anxious to serve your needs!


Leverage the power of the internet! Why wait? Call DotComd today! 

Check out the most common DotComd web site packages we offer, Hosting options, Click Here!!!

Services We Offer

ColdFusion Programming
PHP Programming
Database Consulting
SQL Server
Web Hosting
Email Hosting
Banner Ad Hosting
Server Co-Location
Shared Exchange Server
Sharepoint Server 2003
Domain Names $9.95/yr ea.

DotComd Website Features

Your new DotComd website will use the same program which operates the official website. 

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